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Soap Saver bag with 100g soap included

Soap Saver bag with 100g soap included

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Never waste a scrap of soap again with our handy Sisal soap bags. These bags are made from 100% natural and biodegradable fibres and are the perfect new addition to your bathroom

100g included with the Sisal bag 

Why we love them:

 - Easy to travel with 
 - Get the most out of every scrap of soap 
 - Gentle exfoliating created by the natural texture of the fibres 
 - An ideal gift for anyone 

How to use

Open your sisal bag
drop in your soap scraps and ends
Take into the shower and lather up your soap pouch
Hang to dry
This product is reusable and washable and when you are ready to part with it you can place it in your compost bin or food waste as its made from 100% natural fibres

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